Practical Dipmeter & Borehole Image Interpretation


This short course provides a review of the history of Dipmeter data aquisition and interpretation, and the evolution of dip measurement from wireline logs, and the often forgotten rules of interpretation of dipmeter patterns (Red, Green, Blue) developed and published by Mr. Al Gilreath at Schlumberger many years ago. Prior to the development of borehole imagery tools, these dip pattern interpretations provided the only data for critical interpretation of both structural dip and detailed stratigraphic inferences related to depositional environments and sand body geometries encountered in the wellbore. 

The development of borehole imagery has greatly enhanced the detailed interpretation of the geological mega and micro structure of geological bedding crossed by a well's borehole, confirming the pattern interpretation techniques already established.

The course provides numerous examples of structural and depositional environment interpretations which the participants can apply to their well data with confidence.



  • What is dip?
  • Borehole dip measurement
  • Scales of measurement - Dip processing
  • Dip Patterns & Interpretation principles
  • Imagery Evolution and Interpretation
  • Interpretation significance - proof of the pudding!

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